Ocean Kayak

Ocean Kayak boat has basic features. The front of the boat is the bow and the rear is the stern. When looking forward to the bow, the left side of the boat is port and the right side of the boat is starboard. The hull ID number can be found on the starboard side of the boat, on the bow and stern.


In the middle of the boat, there is a cockpit area with a seat (towards the stern) and foot wells (toward the bow). Inside the cockpit, there are holes that go all of the way through the boat called scuppers. These scuppers allow the boat to drain. On many of the models, there is a bungee in the front of the cockpit and behind the seat. This allows you to secure gear to the deck of the boat. Your particular model may have hatches that allow access to the inside of the boat for gear storage. Some models feature a molded-in tank well for dive tanks or small ice chests.